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215 Chama Dr

Hewitt, TX 76643


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Monday - Friday

6:30am - 5:30pm

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Texas School Ready!

Kidz Zone Playcare is now a part of the Texas School Ready program to help prepare each preschool/pre-k child (ages 3 to 5 years) for kindergarten. TSR requires every teacher to be a part of weekly class training. 

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Enrollment fee: Fee: $45.00 (Re-enrollment - $45.00)

Supplemental Fee: $90.00 annually

Birth to 2 years: $140.00 weekly

Pre-K (3 years to 5 years): $125.00 weekly

School Transportation: $100.00 weekly

Summer Camp: $120.00 weekly (includes all field trips, any special activities will require a small additional fee)

Child Care Service Clients are responsible for all activity and field trip fees.


Kidz Zone Playcare proudly accepts subsidized tuition payments from Child Care Services and funding from Carl Perkin’s grant, as well as other funding local colleges child care assistance tuition programs.