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Texas School Ready!

Kidz Zone Playcare is now a part of the Texas School Ready program to help prepare each preschool/pre-k child (ages 3 to 5 years) for kindergarten. TSR requires every teacher to be a part of weekly class training. 

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Director - Kayla

Meet Our Director - Ms. Kayla Lee

Ms. Kayla is our director. She has been with us since 2014. She graduated from Cranfills Gap High School. She attended Hill Junior College and MCC and took courses in health sciences and various computer courses. Honors include membership of the National Deans list 2004. Ms. Kayla has over 6 years of childcare.

Ms. Kayla also works alongside of the American Disabled Assocation and Media at Baylor events. She enjoys cooking, canning, photography and church.

Ms. Kayla loves all the kids, realizing that each child has a different home life and everyone has their own attitude. Balancing all the various backgrounds is quite simple. You just love them all with all your heart. A hug is sometimes all they need.